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Geometrics Inc. offers both short and long-term rentals of our full line of geophysical instrumentation. This includes land and marine seismic systems, land, marine, and airborne magnetometers, as well as our full line of electromagnetic equipment. We have over 50 years of experience, and you can rent with the confidence that comes from knowing you are getting the finest equipment and customer support, directly from the manufacturer.

Our rental rates are among the most competitive in the business. And, if you choose to purchase the instrument you are using, we offer both rental credits and used equipment discounts. Contact us to find out how much you can save by renting or purchasing a refurbished system.

In addition to the signed rental agreement, at the time of the rental you will need to provide a certificate of insurance for the value of the equipment rented (or a cash deposit). Please note that we need 5 business days to complete your application and the first order may still require Cash In Advance (CIA) payment terms.

Below is a partial list of instruments and their rental prices (all prices in USD). We do request a minimum of 5 days advance notice before the start of the rental, as this helps ensure that we will have the instrument in stock. In general, the earlier that you submit your rental request, the more likely we'll have that instrument available. To begin the process, please submit your information in the form below:

Rental Prices

Please Note: The rental prices do not include transportation, custom clearance and/or training costs.

Seismic Equipment Rentals

Instruments Description One-Time Mobilization Rate Daily Rental Rate Weight DIMs
Geode Exploration Seismograph 24-ch 24-ch Seismograph $200 $100
Geode 24-ch Seismic Survey Kit 24-ch Seismograph w/ accessories (cables/phones) $260 $130
Geode Exploration Seismograph 48-ch 48-ch Seismograph $400 $200
Geode 48-ch Seismic Survey Kit 48-ch Seismograph w/ accessories (cables/phones) $460 $240
GeoEel Solid Digital Streamer Up to 48-ch with 6.25m group interval Contact Us Contact Us
MicroEel Analog Streamer 24-ch, 3.125m group interval (requires seismograph and source) Contact Us Contact Us
P-Cable 3D Digital Streamer Variable group interval Contact Us Contact Us
Bubble Pulser Hegg Marine Model HMS-620 $700 $350
SeisImager Software Suite* Refraction & Surface Wave Data Analysis Software 40 hr - $200 75 hr - $300 250 hr- $500
*Note - License is for single installation only. Unused hours are not transferable to a different computer.

Seismic Equipment Accessories

Instruments Description One-Time Mobilization Rate Daily Rental Rate Solo-Use One-Time Mobilization Rate Solo-Use Daily Rental Rate Weight DIMs
HVB-1 High Voltage Blaster $10 $5 $20 $20
Spread Cables - 24 takeouts 10ft, or 20ft intervals - Mueller Clips $25 $60 $40
Geophones 4.5 Hz, 14Hz, 40Hz, vertical, Mueller Clips $50 - 26 geophones $26 - 26 geophones $60 $40

Magnetometer Equipment Rentals

Instruments Description One-Time Mobilization Rate Daily Rental Rate Weight DIMs
MagArrow Magnetometer UAS-Enabled Magnetometer $365 $395
G-857 Magnetometer Entry-level magnetometer $80 $30
G-858 Magnetometer High resolution magnetometer $95 $80
G-858 Grad Magnetometer High resolution magnetometer - gradiometer setup $100 $100
G-859AP Magnetometer w/ GPS Backpack Mining Magnetometer $170 $85
G-864 Magnetometer Cesium Magnetometer with Android Tablet $150 $130
G-864G Magnetometer Dual sensor version of the G-864 Cesium Magnetometer with Android Tablet $200 $160
G-882 Marine Magnetometer 200ft cable w/ depth 240 120
G-882 Marine Magnetometer 200ft cable w/ depth & alt 290 145
G-882 TVG Marine Magnetometer System Dual mag system w/ 400ft cable w/ depth & alt 750 375
G-823A Aerial Magnetometer Airborne cesium magnetometer $300 $150
G-824A Aerial Magnetometer Cesium magnetometer Contact Us Contact Us
MagLog Lite/Pro Magnetic logging software $125/2-day $450/month
Tallysman™ WAAS/EGNOS ready GPS AP portable backpack GPS $100 $50

Note: G-882 includes depth transducer, logging software, 200-foot tow cable. Optional depth transducers and cable lengths are available. Minimum rental period for magnetometer systems is 7 days. Shorter duration rentals are available, but please call. G-824A Rental includes 1 copy of MagLog PRO per system.

Geoelectrical Equipment

Instruments Description One-Time Mobilization Rate Daily Rental Rate Weight DIMs
Geode EM3D EM Device $580 $375
Stratagem EH5 EM Device $500 $400
MetalMapper 2x2 EM Device $1,800 $900
SCS2D 2D analysis software (Zonge Geophysics) --- $40/day

Rental fees are calculated on the total time the instrument is out of our warehouse and begin the day we ship the unit. To minimize travel time, we usually ship our instruments via FedEx Priority Overnight. We do not charge you for the day the instrument returns to our warehouse. For example, if we shipped the instrument to you on a Monday and it returned to us on Friday of the same week, we would charge you for 4 days of rental time plus the mobilization and shipping fees.


Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required from Lessee prior to commencement of the rental period. Lessee is responsible for insuring the rental equipment for the full replacement value, cost of damages, and against loss from all perils. See Equipment Rental Agreement for more details.


Please reference LEASEPOOL on the shipping label. For international shipments, please indicate on the air waybill and commercial invoice that equipment is U.S. goods being returned under HTS code 9801.00.1090/9015.80.80 and Geophysical Equipment must be referenced. For airfreight shipments, the destination airport must be San Francisco (SFO). DO NOT INSURE SHIPMENT.


Please reference LEASEPOOL on the shipping label. DO NOT INSURE SHIPMENT.

All equipment returns ship to our mailing address:

Geometrics, Inc. Attn: LEASEPOOL 2190 Fortune Drive San Jose, CA 95131 408-954-0522

Rental Contact Form

Use the form below to get in touch with us for all rental inquiries. Please specify in the body of your message whether the address is a shipping and/or billing address.