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Please fill out all the fields below and submit. You will be sent an email with the RMA/Case number and shipping instructions. Please include a copy of that email with your return repair shipment.

NOTE: You must create ONE RMA/Case for each instrument being returned.

IMPORTANT: Instruments returned to us for repair will be charged an evaluation fee based on the age and type of instrument. This fee ranges from $420.00 to $840.00 per instrument, depending on the unit model. Contact us for questions about your specific product.

For instruments requiring calibration, our fees range from $420.00 to $1,050.00 per instrument, depending on the unit model. For any questions about calibration fees, please contact us.

If returning equipment from outside the U.S. please mark the appropriate box at the bottom of the form below and enclose a completed Shippers Declaration, as required by U.S. Customs Regulations 19 CFR ยง10.1(a)(1), with the instrument being returned to avoid delays and possible additional costs.

For airfreight shipments, the destination airport has to be San Francisco (SFO). DO NOT CONSIGN SHIPMENT TO SAN JOSE AIRPORT (SJC). This will cause delays and add possible extra charges.

Important: Indicate the following on the AWB and Commercial Invoice: U.S. Goods being returned under HTS 9801.00.1012 / 9015.80.80 and Geophysical Equipment must be referenced.

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