Introducing the ultimate in marine seismic fidelity: the GeoEel Solid™ Digital Streamer from Geometrics.

Superior electronics with a solid active section design that delivers higher-quality data than ever before.

The smallest-diameter solid design available (only 44.5 mm), the GeoEel Solid™ is easy to deploy, easy to transport and can be shipped by air. Separate 8-channel modules coupled with a unique slim active section design yield ultra-low towing noise levels and are largely immune to electronic interference, leakage and ground loops that plague analog streamers. Communicates via 100 mbs Ethernet to the Geometrics CNT-2 controller, running field-proven software that is used on over 70 installations worldwide.


Features and benefits

  • Light and easy to handle: 44.5 mm diameter, up to 240 channels in 8-channel sections
  • Environmentally friendly and non-flammable: Solid polyurethane, ships by air
  • Wide bandwidth means more applications: samples at 1/8 to 2 ms for petroleum, engineering or sub-bottom profiling
  • Improved Ease of use: Digital sections means better quality data, less time deploying and troubleshooting
  • No costly controller required: uses any PC and standard Ethernet
  • Whisper quiet: solid design yields under 4 microbars towing noise at normal towing speeds
  • In-Line Testing: Complete built-in testing of streamer and internal electronics


  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Coastal Rehabilitation
  • Seismic Risk Assessment
  • Methane Hydrate Investigation
  • Marine Geologic Mapping