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The Engineering and Environmental Geophysics Group at ETH Zürich owns ten 24-channel Geometric's Geode Seismographs. We have used them for a wide variety of projects that have included ultra-high resolution seismic reflection studies, relatively conventional seismic reflection surveying, surface and crosshole tomographic investigations and long-term microseismicity monitoring. The instruments are versatile, rugged and easy to use. We are extremely pleased with the performance of these instruments and with the continued outstanding service provided by Geometrics personnel. Dr. Alan Green / Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
We were able to use MagPick’s pipeline method to compute the depth of a buried cable from data collected by two G-882 Magnetometers set up as a transverse gradiometer. Later, we were able to compare these results against the expected depth of the cable for over thirty kilometers of its route. Nearly all of the computed depths agreed with expected values. By the way, your support was extremely helpful in teaching us how to process our gradiometer data with MagPick! Dan Ciarletta / Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey Inc
TTS has been sampling with the GeoEel Streamer at 1/8ms 48 channel shooting bloody fast 500ms of data. Shot Point every 1 second on a Wind Farm for months..... very impressive. Very fast we also adapted across to refractive work 1ms sample 96 channel and back. All very successful. Tom Daniels / T.T Surveys Ltd.
I believe Seisimager/2D software is one of the top seismic refraction packages on the market. The modules are uncomplicated, easy to use, providing just the right amount of useful tools to interpret data very smoothly with amazing output results! Geometrics provided me with prompt, expert assistance. Jafar Sadi Abu Rajab / Hashemite university-Geology Dept
We have been using our new G-859 Magnetometer for the last 7 days. The project we are working on is quite difficult. It is above 4800 meters elevation and very cold and windy. Topography is difficult too. The 859 has worked perfectly every single day. Data is very clean. Magmap is a very easy and practical to use program. Navigation with the Garmin Oregon GPS is very easy to do as well. The whole system is just so well designed and really works beautifully in the field. It certainly falls in the long tradition of high-quality instruments that Geometrics has represented for several decades!. José R. Arce / ARCE GEOFÍSICOS
Many thanks to Geometrics for the Atom. RDCL use them to efficiently acquire passive MAM data primarily in urban environments. They’re easy to use and have a robust design. I recommend them to anyone looking for this type of seismic system. Oliver Gibson, Senior Geophysicist, RDCL, New Zealand