This powerful Windows program provides basic data processing filters for quick analysis of magnetic, OhmMapper, and EM61 data. MagMapTM facilitates data download from Geometrics magnetometers, applies diurnal correction upon export, and generates 2D/3D color contour plots and shaded relief maps. This program also offers full GPS support with UTM conversion, sensor-GPS antenna offset computation as well as GPS file integration with basic magnetic data.

Erroneous data due to spikes can be eliminated with the despiking function by using a user-selectable maximum and minimum window to cut the data outside of this range. Dropouts due to entering a dead zone or loss of signal can be removed entirely or interpolated to estimate the actual values.

The magnetic data collected can be checked for accuracy either as a complete profile of the survey, with each transect stitched together, or on a line-by-line basis. The zooming feature focuses the window on a point of interest and helps determine the validity of a series of readings. The time, date, and magnetic readings can be seen in the bottom panel for reference. Data can be shown for each individual magnetometer, both sensors on the same plot to examine consistency, or as a pseudo-gradient.

Features and benefits

  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Prompts Automatic Data Download from Geometrics Magnetometers.
  • Quickly View Color Contour Maps within a few clicks after data download.
  • Process EM Data in the same program as the magnetometer data such as from the OhmMapperTM or EM61.
  • Fix Operator Errors by manually deleting points, lines, or shifting them to the correct position.
  • In pharetra urna nec mauris dictum, a venenatis mauris auctor.
  • Remove Erroneous Data with Despiking, Destriping and “Remove Dropouts” features
  • Correct GPS Positions by performing a sensor-to-GPS offset correction
  • Merge GPS and Magnetic Data Files which do not already contain GPS positions.