MagPickTM is a powerful data processing program that runs on either Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. This program is designed to edit, process, interpret and present land, marine or airborne magnetometer survey data.

MagPick is best used with datasets acquired from magnetometer surveys locating small, near-surface targets that are important in environmental and engineering applications. This software includes advanced data processing techniques to help enhance anomalies for easy interpretation. Report-ready profile, contour maps and source target models can be constructed within minutes of data download.

This program also allows the user to apply inverse modeling solutions to survey data to determine depth of burial, mass estimation and accurate target location for discrete, high-magnetic-contrast buried targets.

Features and benefits

  • Runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and Newer: Multicore Multitasking operating systems.
  • Powerful Data Processing Capabilities: Allows for more advanced data processing and interpretation of magnetometer data sets.
  • Inversion Tools: To estimate Position, Depth, Mass, and Magnetization of a target.
  • Create Quasi-Analytic Signal Maps: With marine, land or airborne magnetometer datasets.
  • Report Ready Images and Google Earth Overlays: Easily created and exported.