MagLog is a general-purpose data logger that provides logging to disk and display of serial data streams and hardware generated pulses.

MagLogPro™ and MagLogLite™ are built with the same software achitechture, with MagLogPro™ being the full featured version of the software used primarily in multi-sensor arrays for multi-instrument geophysical survey applications (airborne, land or marine). MagLogPro™ supports various external third party instruments. MagLogLite™ is designed primarily for the small marine magnetometer/gradiometer data logging market and can be used for land/marine single or dual sensor arrays used in wide mag, archeological or UXO type surveys.

Most common data sources are logged via serial ports that may not require any additional hardware. MagLog handles incoming data in the following manner: • Records PC clock time, Logs the string into a log file, parses string, and displays the string.

Features and benefits

  • Real-Time QC: Monitor and QC incoming data.
  • Help Features: Reference ranges, pop-up dialogues, and auditory alarms keep the user appraised to the condition of the data.
  • Accurate Time Stamping: All data is logged with the date and time of arrival.