The MicroEel is a small diameter solid streamer designed for high resolution engineering surveys. It utilizes the popular Geode seismograph for reliable seismic data acquisition in a marine setting. Use your computer to view and record data with Geometrics’ user friendly G-Marine software. The 100% solid design effectively eliminates noise from bulge waves and other noise inherent in liquid streamers, offering the highest quality data in the sea.

Features and benefits

  • 12-24 channels – Conduct multifold high-resolution surveys with unparalleled signal to noise
  • Lightweight and compact – Deploys easily from a small winch or by hand if deck space is limited
  • 100% solid construction – Superior data quality to liquid streamers
  • Non-flammable – Easily shipped by airplane
  • Easy interface – Connects directly to laptop or rack mount computer using Ethernet
  • No connectors – One section with integrated tow cable
  • Customizable groups – Variable group interval 1.56m-6.25m with 1-3 hydrophones per group
  • Fast time between shots, real-time single-trace gathers, gun monitoring, noise snapshots, continuous recording
  • Compatible with wide range of small sources – sparkers, boomers, bubble gun


  • Engineering studies, offshore fault and fracture location, harbor site investigations, offshore windfarm development, hydrologic investigations, depth to bedrock, research and teaching.
  • Reflection
  • Shallow refraction