Geometrics Seismographs

Geometrics earned its global reputation developing and configuring various types of seismographs for use in most every situation and climate condition.

Marine Seismographs

The New P-Cable System

Geometrics is leading the revolution in high-resolution marine 3D with the GeoEel-based P-Cable System. More...

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GeoEel Solid™ Digital Streamer

Introducing the ultimate in marine seismic fidelity: the GeoEel Solid™ from Geometrics. Superior electronics with a solid active section design that delivers higher-quality data than ever before. The smallest-diameter solid design available (only 44.5 mm), the GeoEel Solidâ„¢ is easy to deploy, easy to transport and can be shipped by air.... More

MicroEel Analog Seismic Streamer

The New MicroEel

Unique design isolates vibration and suppresses ship and towing related noise More...

MicroEel Fusion

Geometrics is proud to announce our latest seismic marine package, the MicroEel Fusion!

Along with our MicroEel solid streamer the package includes a Geode, G-Marine acquisition controller, Seislog Navigation package, GPS, a Bubble-Pulser source, and, for the first time ever, Geometrics is offering processing services to our marine customers for your marine reflection data.

This package will simplify and speed up your rental or purchase process, saving you time and money. More...

Land Seismographs

Geode DZ, 3-D Seismic System

Geometricss Geode 3-D
The Geode DZ 3-D seismic system is based on the highly-successful Geode 2-D system. Like its 2-D counterpart, the DZ is reliable, rugged and easy to use. Training costs are minimal -- we can get you up and running in a day -- and software updates are available free for the life of the product

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Ultra-portable 3 to 24 channel seismic recorder that attaches to your laptop or to the StrataVisor NZ. Connect several Geodes together to build systems up to 1000 channels. The Geode is suitable for reflection, refraction, downhole, VSP and monitoring applications. More...

StrataVisor NZ


Low-cost seismograph for refraction, depth to bedrock, teaching and ground-water studies. More...

Geometrics StrataVisor

StrataVisor NZ

Integrated 3 to 64 channel seismic recorder with built-in daylight visible color screen, printer and storage. The StrataVisor NZ doubles as a field computer and can be used to control four lines of Geodes. It is suitable for all surveys. More...

SmartSeis ST

SmartSeis ST

The best value in a professional, all around seismograph. Ideal for engineering, construction, road building and teaching. More...

Downhole Hydrophone Array


The Model DHA-7 downhole hydrophone array is designed for high-resolution seismic borehole imaging. Unique proprietary polymer hydrophones (no ceramics) are in-line molded to a fully integrated, triple-sealed multi-conductor cable. More...

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