The ES-3000 Exploration Seismograph is a full featured seismograph for a fraction of the price of other seismograph systems. The ES-3000 is capable of acquiring data on up to 24 channels. If you are a geoscientist teaching or performing research, or need to perform simple seismic surveys such as depth to bedrock exploration, the ES-3000 is for you. Use the ES-3000 for refraction, MASW/MAM, downhole, crosshole, or tomography surveys, as well as for more niche use cases such as earthquake, quarry blasts, or heavy equipment monitoring.

The system includes ESOS data acquisition software and the ES-3000 seismodule connects directly to your PC via the Ethernet port – no additional hardware or drivers are required. Use your laptop to view, record and even process your data using our software like SeisImager/2D-STD. The ES-3000 is shock-proof, dust-proof, submersible and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Engineered to last, we confidently offer a 3-year warranty for each new ES-3000 sold, an industry leading offer.


Features and benefits

  • Ultra Light-Weight: 8 lb., 3.5 kg, easy to carry and deploy
  • 3 Year Warranty: Supported by full time customer service staff with 4 technicians, 4 geophysicists, real-time on-line support available.
  • Free Data Analysis Software: Includes SeisImager/2D Lite data analysis software enabling quick field data analysis for seismic refraction surveys.
  • Unmatched Specifications: 24 bit, ultra-high resolution 20 kHz bandwidth (8 to 0.02 ms sampling), low distortion (0.0005%), low noise (0.2uV), stacking accuracy (1/32 of sample interval).
  • Built Rugged: Passes MIL810E vibration test, survives 1.5m drop onto concrete in 14 orientations, submersible.
  • Easy Interface: Connects to any laptop or PC via standard network port. Plug the Geode into your building network and operate it remotely.
  • Noiseless Digital Transmission: Data transmitted from Geodes digitally on light, inexpensive cables.
  • Complete Performance and Line Testing: Built-in test finds bad geophones, cables. Interfaces with Geometrics field portable test oscillator when specifications verfication is required.
  • Competitively priced: Recover your investment in the first few jobs.
  • Simple Interface: Easy interface requires no complicated drivers; plugs directly into your PC Ethernet port.
  • SCS Add-Ons: Optional software for blast and vibration measurements, earthquake monitoring.

Technical Details



  • Find bedrock, depth-to-water, faults and fractures.
  • Ideal for engineering, construction, and road building
  • UBC Vs30/ IBC Vs100 Site Classification
  • Teaching and research