The Seismodule Controller Software (SCS) for the StrataVisor NZ, Geode, SmartSeis ST, and ES-3000 seismographs provides a flexible solution for your survey needs. Whether you are doing simple refraction or reflection, or specialized acquisition, like marine surveying, sub-bottom profiling, or monitoring, SCS can be tailored to your needs. Like all of our software, SCS updates are free for life.

The basic SCS package supports standard surveys. SCS options which add additional functionality, such as continuous recording or correlation, are available for purchase and can be added instantly for specialized surveys. SCS has a logical, intuitive menu structure that guides you through set-up. Program functions and key survey operations can be reached through the menu or triggered by pressing pre-programmed hotkeys.

SCS makes data acquisition easy, and the last thing you need in the field is for your software to act up. SCS is the software that thousands of geophysicists around the world use and trust.

SCS (SGOS,MGOS) Registration Instructions

Features and benefits

  • View shot, line noise, and survey parameters simultaneously - Provides better data quality and fewer missed shots.
  • Graphical depiction of survey line - Helps manage your crew and avoid geometry errors.
  • Flexible display parameters - Quickly optimize data to find subtle events.
  • Sure-save storage technology - Leaves data secure and unaltered.
  • Optional software packages - Available for specialized applications and hardware settings:
    • Customized features for reflection, VSP, and tomography.
    • Marine acquisition: near trace gathers, tape support, GPS integration.
    • Vibrator and pseudo-random source acquisition.
    • Event-based triggering for earthquake, blast, and vibration measurements.
    • Continuous recording.
    • Real-time spectral analysis.
  • Free software updates and support - special pricing for multiple licenses.