Standard Procedure on Registering SCS Software

Here's our standard procedure on registering the SCS (Seismic Controller Software):

The latest version of the SCS is 11.1.69, which is used for Windows Operating Systems up to and including W-10 64 bit computers.

Within the zip file you will find instructions as well as the installation file.

Note: Installing the WinPcap is mandatory!

After installing, you will need to register. In order for us to issue the correct SCS registration we will need additional information. The preferred method is:

1. From the “Registration Window” select “Send Email or Save File to Disk”.

2. Fill out the report, to include serial number of seismograph. (type 0000 in sales No. field if not known)

3. Save the file to your computer.

4. Send an email with the file attached or embedded to: [email protected] and/or [email protected].

We will then remit with a 40 character alphanumeric string that you can paste into the same “Registration Window.”

Please understand that the SCS can be installed onto as many computers as you wish, yet each installation will generate its own unique user code and therefore need to be registered.