Downhole seismic surveying is a proven method for obtaining in-situ subsurface information, often not available through surface seismic surveys. Applications include earthquake hazard site response studies, dam safety investigations, foundation studies, measurement of soil and rock properties, and velocity control for seismic reflection surveys. SeisImager/DH downhole software is a fully integrated modeling and interpretation package that runs on your Windows PC. First breaks are identified quickly with an accurate automatic picker, with manual override. Noisy data is cleaned using comprehensive filtering. Waveforms are optimized using a unique polarization function that rotates and aligns horizontal components with the direction of particle motion. Calculate interval and layered velocity models using the robust least-squares method. SeisImager/DH is available for purchase separately or as part of a hardware seismic package. Rental options are also available.

Features and benefits

  • Analyze P-wave and S-wave downhole seismic data acquired with a variety of sensors (downhole hydrophone arrays, borehole geophones, suspension loggers)
  • Automatic and manual first break picking
  • Calculation of interval and layered velocity models using robust least-squares method Example P-wave waveforms with first break picks
  • Specialized functions to calculate particle motion and rotate waveforms into alignment (polarization)
  • Interactive quality control tools to optimize results Example S-wave waveforms with opposite polarity records overlaid to optimize first break picking
  • Optional add-ons for refraction and surface wave (MASW, microtremor, H/V spectrum) data processing