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Question [Sticky] Why does my MagArrow have 0 readings or missing records?

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There are many reasons causing 0 readings or missing records:

1. MagArrow is dead-zone-free. But this doesn't mean it can be operated in any environment. If the background magnetic field is outside its operating range (20-100uT) or its gradient is too large, MagArrow will have readings of 0 (or dropouts). Usually this happens when you test the instrument inside a building. One way is to place the MagArrow on a wood/plastic table.

2. The default conversion of Survey Manager is NOT to include data points without locations. Inside a building, you may not have GPS signal, leading to missing records. This topic is also discussed in Missing records from magnetometer export.

3. If the 0 readings occur during a survey, especially consistently along a certain direction, you may want to check the operating status of 2 sensors inside the MagArrow. First, make sure your MagArrow embedded software is MagArrowSetup-3.0.1915-881 or later. If not, please go to our website MagArrow embedded software update, download and install the latest embedded software(instruction inside the downloaded zip file). Connect to the new webpage ( or and click “Detailed Instrument Status”.). The "Operating status" of each magnetometer, as shown below, should be "OK". If not, please record the error code and power cycle. To finish the survey, please keep an eye on this status whenever the MagArrow returns to the base during the survey (power cycle if error). If the error occurs more than twice during your survey (make sure it is not an isolated event), please contact Geometrics and report the error code.