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Question Why does it take so long for my MagArrow GPS to lock?

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1. Make sure the MagArrow top cover (the curved side) is facing up and under a clear sky.

2. It may take up to 20 minutes for the GPS to lock during the initial power up. Afterwards, the GPS stores the location information for a while (~40 minutes for MagArrow I and ~ 2 hours for MagArrow II) without the power so that it can lock much faster than 20 minutes (~2-3minutes) during subsequent powerups.

3. If the powerup locking time is significantly longer or intermittent GPS dropouts are observed during flight:

  • MagArrow I will need to be sent back to Geometrics for repair.
  • MagArrow II customers may choose to unscrew the external helical antenna (or attach the external helical antenna) and check whether the longer-than-normal locking time or the intermittent issue goes away. MagArrow II has an independent internal and external antenna design. When the external helical antenna is attached (unattached), the system switches to the external (internal) antenna automatically.