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Information [Sticky] How to set up dead-zone-free operation for MFAM

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MFAM-SuperMag (LCS100S) or MFAM-SX (LCS100X) can be configured to achieve dead-zone-free operation, in which the combined sensor is always active no matter where in the world and which direction the device is oriented.

To set up the dead-zone-free configuration:

Make sure the MFAM is in the "One Sensor (No Dead Zone) run mode. If not, please refer to "How to switch the operating mode for SuperMag MFAM" on our website found here:

How to switch the operating mode for SuperMag (LCS100S) MFAM?.

Orient two sensors orthogonally. The ideal relative orientation is shown below (also in the test report in the USB drive shipped with the unit). This configuration works for both the "Low Heading Error" and the "Low Noise" modes.

Low Heading Error Only mode

If you only wish to run the sensor in the "Low Heading Error" mode (note that SX MFAM does NOT have the "Low Noise" mode), a simpler configuration, as shown below, can also achieve the dead-zone-free operation.

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You can 3D print a dead-zone-free sensor holder from the attached .step file.