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Information How to switch the operating mode for SuperMag (LCS100S) MFAM?

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Detailed instructions for changing the operating mode of the SuperMag(LCS100S) MFAM through the SPI can be found in the Module User Guide, located in the USB drive shipped with the product.

The operating mode can be changed through the MagViewMFAM software (software installation is also in the USB drive). Use the MagViewMFAM to connect to the MFAM.

After startup, the "Run Mode" indicates the current operating modes.
To change the operating modes, choose "Run Mode" in the "Command Menu" and then select a different mode in the drop-down menu.
Click "Send Command" button to change to the selected mode.
To set the current modes as the default startup operating modes, select "Save Settings" and click "Send Command".
Power cycle and make sure that the default startup operating modes have been saved.