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Question What are the differences between LCS050G (Low-Noise) vs. LCS100S (SuperMag) modules

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Differences between LCS050G (Low-Noise) vs. LCS100S (SuperMag) modules

Q. What is the difference between LCS050G (Low Noise) and LCS100S (SuperMag)? Is different firmware the only thing that separates the Low-Noise version from SuperMag version? Or are there mechanical differences in how the sensors are constructed?

A.The firmware is different, but that is not the only difference. We also build our sensors in two different groups - A and B - to satisfy the different requirements for each version. Group A satisfies SuperMag specs, while group B meets the Low-Noise specs (please refer to the datasheet). Each SuperMag must have 2 Group A sensors.

Q. The sensors in the SuperMag are physically mounted in a configuration to eliminate the dead zones. Could a customer mount their Low-Noise version of the sensors into the same 'no Dead Zone' configuration, then run a simple script to accept only good data so that if one sensor goes into a dead zone, the firmware will automatically switch to record the data from the second sensor? Obviously Geometrics performs some magic when combining the data in the firmware, but that doesn't necessarily preclude a customer from trying to make a "SuperMag" type system with their Low-Noise sensors, right?

A. In principle, yes. Customers can write their own script to combine the readings from each sensor to achieve the dead-zone-free operation. However, smoothing out the combined reading when one sensor’s reading drops out is pretty tricky. In addition, the heading effect will be much worse (determined by the heading effect of individual sensors) if customers choose to combine individual magnetometer readings instead of using the SuperMag dead-zone-free mode.

Q. Can I upgrade my Low-Noise sensors to the SuperMag version? Would I have to send my unit to Geometrics' Customer Support or could you simply provide the new firmware so that the instrument behaves like a SuperMag?

A. Yes, it is possible to upgrade your firmware, but this process requires you to return the instrument to us. However, Geometrics will NOT guarantee the SuperMag specs in this case since LCS050G still has Group B sensors. The only way to guarantee SuperMag specs is to purchase the SuperMag sensors.

Please contact us us for more information.