Geodes do have an option to have a factory installed oscillator board at extra cost that is used to test the electronics in the Geode. These are not normally installed for most of our users.

Users do have the option to run geophone tests using the standard equipped Geode Seismograph that can run line continuity and geophone tests. This can be accessed from the system->tests->Run Geophone/Line tests.

Oscillator boards are typically installed during purchase. Fewer than 5% of the customers purchase that option, that level of QC is typically not necessary. For more information please read the test box manual. We no longer supply the Test Box to external customers.

A description of how to run the tests if you use the test box or if you use the internal oscillators is described in Section RUN INSTRUMENT TESTS (OPTIONAL ADD-ON FEATURE) of the manual. The latest standard Geode Operations Manual has more information.

You can run the tests outlined in the Geode Operations Manual to detect the bad geophones and spread cables.

If you require a calibration certificate for your Geode please consult our Support Note.

All Geophysical surveys require interpretation given limited understanding of the site, data from equipment, and ground truthing. Any interpretation provided is the best that can be provided according to the geophysical expertise and experience of the geophysicist.