Low altitude UAV survey missions require advanced UAV operating skills, reliable equipment, and professional software. Attach a MagArrow Magnetometer 3 meters below the drone and accuracy matters that much more.

UgCS is the premier UAV mission planning software for geophysical surveys. With completely customizable survey parameters, you can plan your magnetic UAV survey at the elevation and line spacing that you want. UgCS supports terrain following and more, create and store multiple missions and routes, and choose the heading of the sensor.

Take the guesswork out of UAV operations for geophysical surveys with UgCS Mission Planning Software.

Geometrics Inc is a licensed reseller of UgCS UAV Mission Control Software. Please contact us for a quote.

If you purchase UgCS software from SPH Engineering directly, please us our resellers code below:

Geometrics Resellers code - GEOUGCS

Features and benefits

  • Automated Drone Mission Planning: Plan your UAV flight missions the way you want! UgCS is the most advanced UAV flight software available.
  • Custom Flight Lines: For geophysical surveys, flight and tie lines can be customized to your survey needs and to ensure maximum sensor platfom stability.
  • Photogrammetry Tools: Increase the data capture productivity at least 2 times with the inbuilt automatic photogrammetry planning tool
  • Geotagging Tools: Tag landmarks and other features of interest in the software.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and KML file import: Use pre-installed or import more precise DEM data to increase accuracy and safety for missions with terrain following
  • Map Customization: Adjust the allowed flight range and No-Fly Zones to fly according to regulatory requirements
  • Battery Changes: Take into account your battery hotswaps while planning your survey.
  • Offline Map Caching: Plan and fly missions without an internet connection.