The OhmImager software edits apparent resistivity data obtained by the OhmMapper (DISCONTINUED) and creates a resistivity model. Analysis is very quick and OhmImager is the best software available for analyzing data collected from relatively long survey lines over simple resistivity structures. A 1D inversion is performed and successively applied to OhmMapper data, therefore allowing for the creation of a pseudo-2D resistivity section. The data format required for RES2DINV can also be exported. OhmImager can analyze data collected using the dipole-dipole method (the method the OhmMapper uses), as well as other common DC resistivity configurations such as the Wenner or Schlumberger methods. OhmImager can also create resistivity plan view maps which can be exported to Google Earth or other GIS software.

Features and benefits

  • Long survey lines can be analyzed quickly by applying a 1D inversion
  • Quality control and editing of data can be effectively and quickly done by using the visualization functions
  • Ability to export data to RES2DINV for more detailed 2D inversion
  • Create resistivity plan view maps which can be exported in GIS formats