MTPro is a magnetotellurics data processing program used to convert raw Geode EM3D time series into MT and AMT (audio magnetotelluric) parameters. The program can be licensed for either single-receiver, stand-alone Geode EM3D systems or for multi-receiver, networked systems. It is tightly integrated with the Geode EM3D interface and acquisition software and can export the processed data in multiple formats.

MTPro is used to process data acquired with the Geode EM3D, and SCS2D (an MR, AMT, and CSAMT inversion program) can use the pre-processed apparent resistivity and phase data (along with location and other metadata) to invert the data to 1-D models and 2-D depth sections.

Features and benefits

  • Fast data processing of large data sets for many simultaneous AMT soundings – produces results in the field within seconds.
  • View all data processing results such as resistivity curves, phase curves, Bostick resistivity-depth curves, tipper parameters, and many other AMT parameters in the field – even while data acquisition is still going on.
  • Ability to export GPS coordinates for all stations in Google Earth KMZ files for plotting the survey line on Google Earth.
  • Will export Bostick transform data for 2-D sections in Surfer or other data contouring programs.
  • Export data as EDI files to be read into Geotools, WinGLink, or other commercial and academic MT inversion programs.
  • MTPto can export data to Zonge SCS2D data inversion software.
  • Easy to navigate user interface and built on understandable graphic displays.
  • Multiple built-in ways to view the processed data.