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Automatic instrument software upgrades

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New releases of the MagEx and G-864 magnetometers include automated updates of instrument software (the embedded sofware, sometimes called firmware) into the G-864 MagEx instruments. This feature eliminates an additional installation process and reduces the need for customers to track software versions and compatibilities.

How does it work?
When the MagNav app connects to an instrument, it determines whether the instrument's software should be updated. If an update is available, MagNav informs the user, who can choose to update the software or to wait until later. If the user agrees, MagNav sends the update to the instrument, which installs the software and restarts. After the user reconnects the WiFi and restarts MagNav, the customer enjoys the benefits of the new version.

If the automated process is not available for any reason, the existing standard install process, using a USB, will still be available to install software on the instrument,

One last time for G-864 customers...
Existing G-864 customers will need to run the manual install one last time, because the instruments shipped before the introduction of this feature can't execute the automatic upgrade. After that final manual update, those G-864s will support automatic udate.

Does this also automatically install new versions of MagNav?
No, this feature does not automatically install a new version of MagNav; MagNav will still be installed onto the tablet from a USB drive. This feature involves the elimination of the separate, additional installation of software into the instrument.