When collecting magnetic measurements using an instrument mounted on or near the platform (such as an aircraft), the magnetometer senses not only the magnetic field of the earth, but also distortions caused by the survey platform. The need for corrections is even greater for gradiometers (multi-sensor arrays) than for total field instruments (single magnetometer installations). To correct for this error, the use of a mathematically computed correction for compensation is widely used. This technique is made possible by the availability of high-speed data processing and predicts the numerical corrections to be made to the magnetic field reading.

MagCompTM combines the accuracy of the digital technique with the convenience, low cost and power reduction of off-line processing. The data from the three-axis fluxgate system is simply recorded in the data acquisition software so that the compensation correction can be calculated as part of the data processing. Not only does this represent a considerable savings in cost and on-board computing requirements, it allows the correction to be adjusted if necessary after the fact. The perceived limitation is the lack of real-time compensated data, which is not normally required for geophysical survey work.

MagCompTM airborne, multi-sensor motion compensation software. This feature rich program with easy to use graphical user interface is designed to provide you with powerful and well-proven compensation algorithms that improve the quality of high sensitivity magnetometer data. This is accomplished by removing much of the “noise” associated with motion-induced signatures generated by the vehicle transporting the sensor. Improvement ratios of 30:1 or more are not uncommon.

Features and benefits

  • Fast: Compensation an entire day’s survey in a matter of minutes.
  • Versatile: Accepts data from fluxgate magnetometer inputs, multi-sensor magnetometer arrays, gyro compass, and more.
  • Minimize Noise: Add preset filters to data to reduce noise.
  • Calibration Flight Data Included: Compute the compensation coefficient, further iterate, and evaluate the quality of the compensation solution quickly and easily.
  • Power Spectrum Plotting: Imporove your Filter Selection
  • Unmatched Results: Compute compensation improvement ratios more accurate than any other hardware or software product commercially available.