Hammer Missions a group based in London, UK and Seattle, US currently providing an adaptive flight automation software for Drones. Our platform helps professionals and enterprises take their drone operations to the next level by automating their specific drone use-case.

Unlike traditional flight automation software, we integrate specialized flight plans (missions) in our software, each one tailored towards a specific use-case. This approach provides 3 main benefits:

  • Every Flight is specialized to the task (mission) at hand.
  • Learning curve for the geophysicist and drone operators is greatly reduced.
  • Different types of missions can be flown without switching flight software.

We've integrated magnetic missions to the software that use specialized input (flight lines, tie lines, smooth corners) to generate and fly mag-specific flight plans. These specialized flight plans ensure high quality mag data collection with minimal pendulum swing for a suspended magnetometer configuration suspended from the DJI Matrice 600 and more.

Features and benefits

  • Specialized Settings: Define Flight lines, Tie lines, smooth corners, etc for magnetic surveys.
  • Area Splitting: Automatically Split large areas into smaller areas based on local regulations.
  • iPad & Offline: Works in offline mode straight from your iPad connected to the drone.
  • Terrain Follow: Import DSMs and DEMs and fly highly accurate terrain aware flights.
  • Smooth Corners: Turns are automatically smoothed out to prevent pendulum swing.
  • 99+ Waypoints: Missions with more than 99+ waypoints are fully supported.
  • Flight Logging: Drone GPS Data is logged to the device and automatically synced later.
  • No Fly Zones: Define no fly zones to automatically fly around obstacles and hazards.
  • Mission Sync: Mission files and logs can be automatically synced to the Cloud.
  • Low Learning Curve: Learning curve is low and updates are automatic through the App Store.