The MagEx is the newest, lightest, and most advanced land magnetometer in the Geometrics product line. Completely designed around our MFAM sensor, the MagEx is fully self-contained with GPS, data storage, and its own wireless access point on-board, allowing for a more modern user experience. The system will run for 12+ hours (at room temperature) on a fully charged battery. At only 3.7 kilograms (about 8 pounds), this well-balanced instrument is comfortable to use in all types of terrain and the most inhospitable conditions.

The user interface software, MagNav, has modern features such as real-time viewing of the magnetic field data, waypoint navigation with Mapped Surveys, and the ability to grid data and create a color contour map while in the field. These features allow users to be confident in their data and help ensure they have what they need once they return to the office. Once the survey is complete, the data is transferred from the tablet to the field computer for further analysis.

The new MagEx fits today’s market - a lightweight design for easier portability, Android-tablet compatible to eliminate bulky data loggers, and low-powered for extended battery life. The system’s wireless controls eliminate the well-known hassle that cables can cause while in the field. The MagEx is unlike anything we’ve offered before.


Features and benefits

  • Lightweight: Weighs less than 4 kg for enhanced portability
  • Self-Contained: GPS, storage, and WiFi on-board
  • Adjustable Sampling Rate: MFAM sensors sample at 1000 Hz. The 1000 Hz data is internally filtered and down sampled to different rates, up to 25 Hz for high resolution mapping. High frequency noises, such as 50/60Hz power line noises, will not alias into the MagEx readings.
  • Long Battery Life: 12+ hours of battery life (at room temperature) to allow for a full day of surveying without carrying additional batteries. Hot swappable
  • Wirelessly Controlled: User interface on Android tablet simplifies system setup and eliminates cables

Technical Details

MagEx Magnetometer Specification List

  • Operating Principle: Laser pumped cesium vapor (Cs133 non-radioactive) total field scalar magnetometer.
  • Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT.
  • Gradient Tolerance: 10,000nT/m without significantly affecting the noise performance
  • Operating Zones: Configurable for operation worldwide
  • Dead Zone: Adjustable single polar deadzone;+/-30º typical; +/-35º guaranteed
  • Noise/Sensitivity: 0.005nT/ √Hzrms typical. Global: 0.02nT/ √Hzrms
  • Sample Rate: 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, and 25 Hz
  • Heading Effect: +/-1.5nT typical, +/-2nT guaranteed at 48uT Much less if far away from the deadzone
  • Output: WiFi
  • GPS: 50% CEP ≤ 1.5m; ≤1.0 m with SBAS
  • Data Logger: Ruggedized, sunlight-readable Getac Tablet; non-magnetic
  • Total Weight: 3.7 kg (~8 lbs)
  • Length: 1.2 m (~4ft)


  • Power: 2 x 6000 mAh Li-Po Batteries; 12+ hours (at room temperature);
  • Hot swappable

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C (-4°F to +104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -45°C to +70°C (-49°F to +158°F)
  • Water Tight: IP4 Rated; rain-proof


  • Standard: Carrying case, shoulder strap, AC adapter, custom Getac Tablet with hand strap, tablet charger, USB with Survey Manager software and manuals.
  • Optional: Backpack, Li-Po batteries; battery charger.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
MagEx Quickstart Guide

Get up and running quickly with our Quickstart Guide, available here
MagEx Magnetometer Shipping Weights & DIMS

Shipping Weights & DIMS

Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1 - MagEx Magnetometer 57in x 8in x 20in
147cm x 20cm x 57cm


  • Environmental: Find abandoned wells, pipes, and storage tanks quickly and with precise positioning
  • Archaeology: perform archaeological surveys with high sensitivity
  • Mineral Exploration: Survey for regional variations in the magnetic field
  • UXO Detection:Collect data with a fast sample rate, making detection and delineation of UXO quick and easy.