GeoEel LH-16 Data Showcase

Full Scale GeoEel LH-16 Data Graphic

To address the need for increased resolution required for windfarm construction and other construction, Geometrics developed the next generation of the GeoEel electronics – The LH-16. The new system allows:

  • Higher sample rate to increase seismic bandwidth up to 7 kHz using the Geometrics proprietary high sensitivity and ultra-wide bandwidth hydrophones.
  • Hydrophone group spacing as small as 0.5m using the same low noise GeoEel system. The new A/D modules record 16 channels each which maintains neutral buoyancy of the streamer.
  • Rapid Shot Time Cycling allowing shot intervals as rapid as 5 times per second to maintain fold even with small group spacing.
  • The LH-16 boards build on the GeoEel system to provide the flexibility for a wide variety of applications including variable spacing streamers and multi-streamer 3-D surveys.

A test was conducted by Fugro using a 72 channel GeoEel system with 1-m spacing and Fugro positioning and multilevel stacked sparker in the Murray Firth. The results show seismic resolution that has not been achieved before with multi-channel systems. Signal was recorded out to 5kHz which allowed vertical resolution that approached 10 cm while still maintaining imaging features as deep as 30 m below the seabed.

Source intervals for the survey shown are at 0.5m and 1m spacing which required the time between shot intervals to be a short as 0.2 s.

The widespread adoption of offshore windfarms is being made possible by the GeoEel Solid LH-16™ Digital Streamer, being able to collect seismic reflection data at the resolution needed for offshore construction.