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Information Steps to prolong the life of your OhmMapper system

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The dipole cables are a high failure item as they are subjected to considerable wear and tear. Here are some steps that you can take to prolong the life of the system:

    Never lift the transmitter or receiver by the pulling on the Dipole cables.
    While setting up the system, it is extremely important to remember that the transmitter and receiver can easily slip out of the white neoprene covers if you are not paying attention. This will cause them to hit the ground and break the yellow connector, or at the very least jam foreign debris into the connector. A good habit to get into is to carry the units with the nose (cone shape) pointed down, that way they cannot slip out of the neoprene cover.
    Do not put undue stress by pulling on the system at angles greater than 45 degrees at any given point in the array. Always make broad turns or pick up the array to start a new line.
    Make sure that the transmitter and receiver are always facing the direction of travel. (The cone pointing towards the console/operator) This will eliminate the possibility of turning the array into a "plow" and placing excessive strains on the connectors, not to mention communication problems.

By following these instructions you will find that the instrument's connectors will be able to withstand the strain incurred during normal usage. Of course there may be circumstances that make this difficult, but it is good to be aware of these issues.