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Question Is it possible to extend the cables between the MFAM sensors and module?

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The cables between the sensors and the MFAM module are flexible circuit boards, and the length is limited to 20 inches.

It is possible to remove the MFAM module from the Development kit box and then reconnect it using a ribbon cable. That would allow you to extend the MFAM module and sensors away from the Dev Kit box. Our engineers have tested it to 4 meters.

Below are some details about the ribbon cable.

The connector on the MFAM unit is Samtec FSH-110-04-F-DH. Its mating connector is Samtec SFMH-110-02-L-D-WT.

The easiest option for an extender cable between the MFAM and the Dev Kit is a pair of cable assemblies from Samtec which has male/female mass terminate connectors put onto a ribbon cable.  These connectors plug directly into the MFAM I/O connector and also into the Development Kit.  We are comfortable with lengths to 10 feet total.  The samtec P/N for this cable is:  FFMD-10-T-60.00-01-F-N

The ‘60.00’ number specifies the cable length in inches (which equals 5 feet).  We have found that there is generally a 2-4 week lead, time since they are made to order and not an off-the-shelf part.

(There is another solution as well if you want to make adapter boards at each end (Dev Kit and MFAM).  The exact Samtec mates for the MFAM / Dev Kit connectors are made in PCB mount connectors only, so if you make simple small adapter board to adapt the samtec connector to another connector of your choice.  We've done this with ExpressPCB which is fast and inexpensive.  A board set from ExpressPCB is about $70 including shipping.  Our Engineering Team has a design and parts list they can send you if you're interested in going this route.)