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Information Setting the time on a MetalMapperII tablet

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To set the time on a MetalMapperII Panasonic Toughpad tablet:

1) Using the Applications menu, open a terminal window

2) Set the date and time you want, using the following example as a guide:

sudo date -s "2024-02-20 03:25:55 PM PDT"

  You may need to enter the sudo password (which is the same as the password for the standard "geometrics" user.

3) To change the timezone, use the terminal window to get a list of timezones:

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo

// To drill into a region, expand the command as follows:

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/Pacific

Set the local timezone using this command:

// Open the timezone file to edit it.  You may need to enter your user password
sudo mousepad /etc/timezone

// Type in the timezone name, of the timezone you want to use, on a single line in the file, for example like this:

 If you want to see your time in UTC, set the timezone to "Etc/UTC".  If you want to set the time in UTC, then when you set the time using the "date" command, use UTC as follows:

sudo date -s "2024-02-20 03:25:55 PM UTC"