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Information Good Practice - Charging the Atom

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This bulletin is written to inform those customers who purchased the ATOM 1C and 3C seismographs (“Atoms”), to allow for out gassing and temperature cooling when charging the batteries.

Geometrics has noted that some users use fitted cases for their Atoms to allow for safe shipping and handling between deployments. If the Atoms are fitted with charging cables and are being charged while inside the fitted cases, under certain circumstances, the fitted cases may not allow for sufficient air circulation and could lead to excessive temperatures inside the Atom unit. These excessive temperatures can exceed the battery manufacturers suggested safe charging temperature, resulting in some instances in out-gassing of hydrogen during the charging process.

Geometrics recommends that users remove their Atom unit(s) from any enclosed/insulated boxes (including fitted cases) prior to charging. Each Atom unit requires adequate surface to air access for heat dissipation. We also recommend that users do not leave the Atom unit on charge for long periods of time. Geometrics recommends that a typical maximum charge time should not exceed 12-15 hours.

Precautionary Steps:
In addition to using good practice charging as we have described in this Bulletin, Geometrics will provide users a procedure for installing a GORE® Protective Vent to allow for the release of pressure and gas from inside the fitted case housing should such pressure and gas accumulate. These vents can be installed at local service centers or at Geometrics factory.

Please contact our Geometrics Support organization at for additional information.