MagArrow Workshop in Brasil – an International UAV-Magnetics Event

From December 3rd to the 6th, Geometrics, Seequent, and the Federal University of ParanĂ¡ hosted a joint 4-day educational workshop on the field of UAV-Magnetics.

After the demonstration, featuring a local flight operations team, downloading and data processing steps were shown. Magnetic data processing continued during the 2 day Sequeent Oasis Montaj educational class.

The course began with lectures on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), general field practices for UAV magnetics, UAV flight software, and operating procedure of the MagArrow Magnetometer, the UAV magnetometer used for demonstration purposes.

The MagArrow Magnetometer is based on MFAM advancements, cesium-vapor magnetometer technology that enabled a 10-fold reduction in sensor size with an increase in performance.

Brasil MagArrow Workshop
Geophysicist Stefan Burns speaking with workshop attendees and instructors on the flight operations of the MagArrow. Curitiba, Brasil. December 2019