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Quick Download Process for the G-857 Magnetometer

Verify BAUD Rate selected on dip switches 6,7,8

Note: according to a customer this is how the switches are set as they are attempting a file transfer at 115200 BAUD.

Connect the G-857 to the computer using the download cable and a properly installed USB/RS-232 adaptor. (Must have FTDI):

Open the MagMap Software.

Select Import>G-857/ASCII

1. Enter known Serial Port (My computer is COM4)

2. BAUD 115200 (Switches 6, 7 and 8 off)

3. Set a good location for the file to written to.

4. Leave Download only, open later unchecked.

5. Leave download time out 2.

Select OK.

On the G-857 press OUTPUT, ENTER when this window opens.

BYTES DOWNLOADED will begin to increment.

Select OK in the window below:

The downloaded Mag file should be displayed:

If the download sequence does not happen this way, it is usually a problem with:

1. USB/RS-232 Adaptor not FTDI, or driver not installed.

2. COM PORT assignment incorrect, and/or file destination not valid.

3. BAUD RATE mismatch.

4. Faulty I/O Cable PN 16492-01.

5. Faulty Computer.

6. Faulty G-857 console.

Check to make sure that the G-857 is not in Legacy Mode:

To check if Legacy Mode is enabled press:


To turn it off press:


To Turn on:


If Legacy Mode was on then the recorded data recorded needs to be downloaded as a G-856: