Device Storage Questions

Does this device store any data (from the user and/or by the device itself) either temporarily (Cache) or permanently?

What data does the device store and/or obtain, if any? (GPS locations, user data entry [text, images, audio, etc])

Does the device have any firmware or other identifying information that is sensitive to public release?


The only permanent memory we have in the Geode is used to store firmware required for the operation of the Geode. The firmware is provided by Geometrics and contains no information from the user. We do have cache memory onboard the Geode for storing data in a circular buffer prior to sending it to the acquisition computer, but that is cleared every time the power is turned off. The cache memory is located on the acquisition boards of the Geode and are not removable. The Geode's sole purpose is to digitize and record data from analog inputs which are almost always connected to geophones which are sensitive to ground motion. The recorded data is sent to the PC and not retained on the Geode. The Geode can't be operated in a standalone mode and requires the acquisition controller to function.

The Geode itself does not have any ability to record any positional information or customer entered data. That is all done on the PC recording software on the acquisition controller.