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Where can it be used?

The OhmMapper can be used over paved surfaces and concrete as long as the concrete does not contain rebar. It can be used on any type with soil and geologic structure such as sand, exposed bedrock, permafrost, snow, and caliche. Because it is an AC electrically coupled system the receiver has a very narrow acquisition bandwidth that filters out power line interference so it can work under power lines. It is designed to work on land but can be dragged through a puddle or shallow stream. It is water resistant with an engineering specification to withstand temporary submersion to 3 meters.

For a depth of investigation of 5 meters the array is 25 meters long. It needs to be towed along a profile line in order to create a 2-D depth section. That means it needs a profile line length of 40 meters or more to be effective. It is not recommended for surveys in confined spaces of less than 50 meters.

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