Congratulations with your new Geode and MGOS system!

I was pleasantly surprised how easily it was to get the system to operate. I just installed the MGOS software in less than 5 minutes on my usual Laptop. Restarted the Laptop and connected the Geodes to the build-in netcard. Started MGOS and every thing worked as expected.

I look forward to work with the system in the field for the next many years. I have been working with engineering seismic systems for more than 20 years, and the Geode and MGOS system is the must flexible engineering seismic system I have been working with. If a Geode or the Laptop breaks down, I can just replace it with a spare unit and be operational again within a short time.

It is very valuable that a engineering seismic system is flexible and can be maintained without assistance from specialised electronic engineers so the cost for operation and downtime can be minimised.

Company: COWI Consulting Engineers and Planners A/S

Contact: Dr. Carsten Ploug

Product: Geode

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