I am very pleased with our fantastic Geometrics 859 Cesium magnetometer

We have been using our new 859 for the last 7 days. The project we are working on is quite difficult. It is above 4800 meters elevation and very cold and windy. Topography is difficult too. The 859 has worked perfectly every single day. Data is very clean, when following the intuitive sensor orientation process shown in Geometics's CSAZ program. Magmap 2000 is a very easy and practical to use program. The console is quite easy to use and very rugged, as well as the entire setup with the sensor and backpack system. Navigation with the Garmin Oregon GPS is very easy to do as well. The whole system is just so well designed and really works beautifully in the field. I am very pleased with our fantastic Geometrics 859 Cesium magnetometer. It certainly falls in the long tradition of high-quality instruments that Geometrics has represented for several decades!.

Best regards,

José R. Arce


Contact: José R. Arce

Product: G-859 Cesium Magnetometer

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