Really, really impressed!

Really, really impressed! [after a demonstration of the Geode user interface]

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the Geode recording system from Geometrics. I have used the system successfully in several projects for site investigation and seismic microzonation. The ruggedness of the system combined with its unsurpassed reliability have enabled us to conduct our field work with confidence. Additionally, the quality control and test

functionalities of the system give us the ability to achieve problem-free recording of data in the field.

I thank you for making our field work an enjoyable activity with the Geode recording system, and wish you all the success in your future developments

Company: Anatolian Geophysical 28 Lalebayiri, Kemer Country Kemerburgaz, Istanbul

Contact: Dr. Oz Yilmaz

Product: Geode

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