We are writing to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)...

Dear Ross,

We are writing to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Near Surface Geophysics (NS) luncheon that was held at the Fall AGU Meeting in December 2009. The NS Focus Group Luncheon was attended by ~80 NS members, of which approximately 50% were students. NS Chair Lee Slater discussed growth in NS membership (now at 3007 primary and secondary affiliation members combined), progress on meeting the objectives for the second term of the focus group, opportunities for members to get involved with NS and the outcome of a recent meeting he had (along with Estella Atekwana,
Oklahoma State University) with National Science Foundation (NSF) program managers.

Your donation helped to provide free lunch tickets for thirty-seven students in near surface geophysics. A number of students expressed a genuine appreciation that they were able to attend the luncheon, which allowed them to interact with students and senior focus group members in an informal, social setting. Several students also told us that it was nice to feel included and to be considered an important component of the focus group. Since the Fall AGU meeting, the NS student wiki has seen a bump in hits and contributions which was likely encouraged
by the fact that students got to hear about this new resource and other ways to get involved in the NS focus group. Student attendees also provided valuable feedback on how the focus group can serve student members and their needs.

We feel that it is important to support NS at AGU because of the thriving student community and because the focus group provides the near surface geophysics community with a voice in the largest earth science society, where we are proud to now have over 3000 members.We appreciate your support of NS in these difficult economic times and we hope that your experience was rewarding. We would very much welcome feedback on your experience as a sponsor of this event and what we might do to improve the event next year.

On behalf of the NS Executive Committee

Lee Slater (Chair) and Elliot Grunewald (Student Representative)

Company: Earth & Environmental Sciences

Contact: Lee Slater

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