We have owned the magnetometer for about 10 years and have found it to be...

We have found that the Geometrics G-880 magnetometer as reliable as any instrument we have ever used in marine applications. The lack of noise in 880 data collected, even in the most difficult environments, is of course the most notable feature that we have found but its outstanding reliability is an added, and greatly welcomed, benefit.

We have owned the magnetometer for about 10 years and have found it to be like the famous watch, even if it takes a lickin' it keeps on tickin' . From locating UXO to pinpointing the iron sounding board from a long submerged piano we have successfully used it in myriad search operations. Congratulations on building a fine instrument.

Recently we located a famous ship, the 6-masted Wyoming which was lost in a violent storm in 1924 off the coast of New England. At 329 feet in length and a loaded displacement of nearly 10,000 tons, she was the largest wooden vessel ever to carry a cargo.

Extensive sonar operations were sporadically carried out between 1978 and 2002 in search of the Wyoming. Although many wrecks were found in the area, the great schooner eluded us. In 2003 it was decided to use an 880 cesium vapor magnetometer because the ship, although constructed mainly of wood, was built with iron strapping to bind the ship's frames. Also, the region where she went down is very active and sediments are mobile in the area thus burial was a very real possibility.

The mag, as usual, performed magnificently. Once we located the ship, we were able to determine that the presence of the iron was all along the hull by towing the sensor longitudinally down the wreck. It made sense that an anchor and chain in the forecastle would have been a much more localized anomaly. Finally the wreck was imaged with sonar and inspected optically for final confirmation. The ship will be preserved and studied to give us more information concerning the art of constructing one of the world's biggest wooden ships

Company: American Underwater Search & Survey, Ltd.

Contact: H. Arnold Carr

Product: G-880 Magnetometer

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