Performance Testing and Certification

How often should my seismograph be calibrated and how can I obtain certification?

Geometrics seismographs do not require periodic calibrations as they do not have any adjustable parameters. We do, however, recommend that they be checked for performance and routine maintenance, which includes intensive analog tests of the acquisition circuitry. It would be reasonable to do this approximately every 5 years under normal usage.

During these tests, we verify that the seismograph analog performance meets our specifications by using a seismic test system. This system incorporates a standard reference oscillator and precision resistor networks to inject known signals into the seismograph. We then use algorithms in our software to calculate the response and performance of the analog circuits.
This "performance test" is run whenever we receive an instrument in for repair or evaluation. Some of our customers do prefer to have their instruments performance checked on a periodic basis, especially if it is required by their clients, for example, the NRC. These non-traceable re-certifications include a calibration certificate and test results for a fee of $300.

If you would like us to complete performance verifications and a system evaluation, please visit our support site to reserve an RMA and obtain shipping instructions:

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