G-856 Magnetometer FAQ

1. Question: I receive a message Data Err (data error) on my G-856AX.

The data error message can be cleared by pressing erase twice while the error message is displayed. This will clear the error message, erase all data, and reset the clock. If the problem occurs again, especially after removing the "D" batteries, it may need the lithium battery replaced, or possibly have a problem on the CPU board. If you have valuable data stored in memory, it is possible to download the data, before clearing the error message. After connecting to the computer, press the output twice to begin the output, once the data has been transferred, follow the instructions above for clearing the error message.

2. What fluid can I use in my Geometrics proton precession magnetometer sensor?

List of approved fluids is as follows:
1. n-Decane
2. Shell Sol-71 (Shell oil product)
3. Isopar-G (Exxon oil Co.)
4. Odorless mineral spirits (Naptha)
5. Mineral Spirits (Naptha)
6. Charcoal Lighter Fluid
7. Kerosene lamp oil
8. Kerosene
9. Mineral Oil (medicinal Grade)
10. Diesel Fuel (may degrade diaphragm on marine systems)
11. Camp Stove fuel
12. White Gas
13. Unleaded Gasoline

The preferred fluids are items 1-7 above.
Items 3 & 4 are not the same as paint thinner. Paint thinner will
damage the sensor coils, as will Acetone, and should not be used.
Items 11 - 13 have a very low flash point and should be used with
extra caution, although any petroleum product must be handled
There are several Alcohols which will produce an acceptable signal,
but will tend to absorb water. This will degrade the performance of
the sensor over time. These should be replaced as soon as possible
with an alternate fluid from the above list.

Usable alcohols:
1.Ethanol (Grain Alcohol) at least 190 proof
2. Methanol (wood alcohol)
3. Denatured Alcohol (ethanol made poisonous)
All of these fluids must be as clean as possible to ensure that no
water or contaminates (rust) are in them. Use a filter to make sure
the fluids do not contain rust from the storage container.

3. My Lithium battery is giving me problems.

Lithium Battery voltage is acceptable down to about 2.8 Volts. We use a 3.6 Volt AA size battery manufactured by Tadiran or SAFT.

You need to use care when removing and replacing this battery. It is soldered into a multi-layer circuit board. A common error is to damage the plate through holes. This sometimes leads to an internal short which destroys the board. Replacement boards are $1,850.00 each.

We suggest you measure the current drawn from the Lithium battery by the circuit board before you solder the battery in place. Current of more than 50 micro Amperes indicates other faulty components on the board that should be replaced. Otherwise the battery will discharge well before its expected life,

We sell replacement batteries, P/N 40-202-005, for $12.00 each

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