Data Formats FAQ

1. I cannot find my saved SEG-Y files on my hard drive?

Unlike other SEG recording standards, SEG-Y stores trace information from multiple records in a single file. A new file is created when acquisition parameters are changed. You can examine a particular record by using the File menu item in your MGOS, SGOS, Controller, or StrataVisor NX software.

2. Do we write geometry info into the SEG-Y header?

We do write the shot location and geophone location into segy file header (Hard Disk file and tape). We do not write the geophone interval, but one can easily compute that information from the geophone location

3. SEG-1 format used on the ES-1225 seismograph? View PDF

4. SEG-2 format used on most modern seismographs? View PDF

5. SEG-Y and SEG-D formats: Contact factory.

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