Applications Software bundled with Seismic Systems FAQ

1. A problem is that the SIPLOT module generates a run-time error when installed in some Windows computers. This problem is most often seen with Windows XP.

1. Either of the following two steps can help correct this problem.
(a) Get a DOS prompt (Click START, then ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then COMMAND PROMPT) and change to Drive A (type A: ), put the SIPLOT floppy in the A drive and type SIPLOT . SIPLOT will run right off the floppy.
(b) Click START, MY COMPUTER, double click Local Disk C:, find the SIP folder and double click it. Then find SIPLOT (not SIPLOT.OVR) and right click SIPLOT. At the bottom of the list, click PROPERTIES, then select the COMPATIBILITY tab, and then check the box labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode for" -- select "Windows 2000", then click OK. SIPLOT will run under Windows 2000 without triggering the error message.
Either of these fixes should work. Another alternative is to install the program on a computer running on the Windows 2000 platform (or Windows NT, Windows ME, or Windows 98) - Contributed by George Tait

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