Seismic Datasheets

Seismographs and Controller Software

StrataVisor NZXP Seismograph and Geode Seismodule Controller
StrataVisor NZXP Seismograph and Geode Seismodule Controller en Espanol
Geode Seismodule
Geode Seismodule en Espanol
ES-3000 Seismodule
ES-3000 Seismodule en Espanol
NZ/Geode/ES-3000/SmartSeis ST Seismodule Controller Software
SmartSeis ST Seismograph
SmartSeis ST Seismograph en Espanol
Geode DZ 3D Seismodule System
GeoEel DMS-1 Solid Marine Digital Streamer
P-Cable Hi-Res 3D Marine Digital Streamer
DHA-7 Downhole Hydrophone Array
MicroEel Analog Marine Streamer

Specialized Acquisition Software Modules for SCS

Continuous Recording package for seismic monitoring
Self-Triggering package for seismic monitoring
PRS-1 package for pseudo-random source acquisition
Marine package for analog streamer acquisition (Under Construction)

Data Analysis Software

SeisImager/2D Refraction Software
SeisImager/2D Refraction Software en Espanol
SeisImager/SW Surface Wave Software
SeisImager/SW Surface Wave Software en Espanol
SeisImager/DH Downhole Data Analysis Software
Determine Shear-Wave Velocity Using Surface Waves
Determine Shear-Wave Velocity Using Surface Waves en Espanol
RadExPro Start and Professional Reflection Software
WinSeis 1.8 Reflection Software
SurfSeis 5 Surface Wave Software
GeoTom Crosshole Tomography Software

System Accessories

HVB-1 Seismic Timer
Typical Land Seismic Accessories

Typical System Configurations

Typical Equipment for Surface Wave Surveying
Typical_Equipment_For Refraction_Surveying

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