Geode Software

Operating Systems:
Geodes can be operated from computers running Windows NT, 98, ME, W2K, XP and Vista (V9.28). No special drivers are required to run a Geode other than what comes standard with your network card.

Operating Software:
Geometrics offers two software packages to operate the Geode

For Customers using a single box Geode, we suggest the economical SINGLE GEODE OPERATING SOFTWARE (SGOS). SGOS includes a full compliment of acquistion, display, plotting, storage and analysis features, but excludes some unnecessary or specialized functions like networking and correlation.

For customers with two or more boxes, or single Geode customers with special applications, we recommend the MULTIPLE GEODE OPERATING SOFTWARE (MGOS). MGOS has the following additional features:

  • Multiple Geode network management software.
  • Real-time spectral analysis.
  • Correlation for swept sources.
  • Additional preamp gain selections.
  • Tape drivers to write SEG-D and SEG-Y to tape or disk.
  • Multiple line operation.
  • Line and geophone testing.
    NOTE: If you are buying a StrataVisor NZ seismograph, MGOS software is included.

Operating Software Options:
Several enhancements are available for the Geode and NZ seismographs:

  • Marine surveying
  • Sub-bottom profiling
  • Continuous recording
  • Earthquake and vibration monitoring. 2
  • Pilot spiking and processing for pseudo-random and MiniSosie surveys.
  • Wireless data transmission (contact factory)
  • Tomography and VSP QC.
  • Download a data sheet describing the software options available with this instrument.

No-charge Bundled Applications Software:
Packages are available either bundled with the Geode operating software or are separate packages for your PC.
SIPQC from Rimrock Geophysics. In-field refraction interpretation software using the time delay method. Field version3
WinSeis-Lite reflection processing software from the Kansas Geological Survey.
Seisimager-Lite refraction modeling and interpretation. Field version3.

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