E-Z Reel “Magnum 300” Cable-Reeling System

Magnum 300 Cable Reeling System

Magnum 300 Cable Reeling System

Need a portable, easy-to-use reeling system to keep your tow cable manageable?

Try Geometrics' E-Z Reel “Magnum 300” Cable-reeling system. This system has the capacity for 300m of multi-conductor 0.5” diameter tow cable and is specifically designed for use on small vessels and ‘vessels of opportunity’. The reeling system is installed on a wheeled frame providing portability and maneuverability. Includes motor speed control, battery cable, and wired remote control.

The Magnum 300 is appropriate for use with Geometrics Model 882 Magnetometer. Deliverable ready to use with the installation of tow-cable.

Custom features, including CE certification, available at additional cost.

Magnum 300 Datasheet

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