G-862RBS Base-Station

The high performance of the G-862 and its multi-function capabilities make it well suited for mobile survey applications as well as applications that require stationary monitoring of the total magnetic field. In addition to providing magnetic field measurements, G-862 has the ability to concatenate its data with the output of other magnetometers or RS-232 serial devices such as a GPS. This feature permits the G-862 to be integrated with position information and time for efficient transmission and storage.


The G-862RBS Cesium Base Station

The default data transmission format of the G-862 is selectable by external software command and may be customized for specific needs.G -862 magnetometer data is easily integrated with a Tallysman™ GPS receiver and an efficient serial data logger to provide a high performance Recording Base Station (RBS) magnetometer system. And data can be transmitted via Bluetooth up to 100 feet away to preview and store on a handheld Android device such as a smart phone or tablet.


Because the G-862RBS’s measurements are time stamped, and GPS synchronized, they are automatically synchronized with a similarly configured magnetometer system – whether it is stationary or mobile.

The precise, synchronous records obtained from a mobile magnetic survey system and a stationary G-862RBS will provide accurate diurnal correction for both the time variation of the Earths field as well as higher frequency magnetic signal due to spherics.

The magnetometer and GPS time value are synchronized to within 1ms and the Cesium-vapor technology used in the G-862RBS is stable, not requiring adjustment or periodic factory recalibration.


High sensitivity cesium vapor magnetometer with the CM-221 Mini-Counter providing 0.004 nT/√Hz RMS performance.

Automatic measurement timed by integrated Tallysman™ GPS antenna/ receiver. Each magnetometer reading is concatenated with GPS data.

Magnetometer data and GPS time coordinates recorded as an ASCII data file on high capacity removal compact flash card or USB memory stick.

Low power consumption (30 W) and operable from 10-36 VDC or 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz external power sources.

System includes non-magnetic, collapsible tripod sensor stand with attachment hardware for magnetometer sensor, sensor driver/counter module, GPS antenna/receiver, and data logger.

System comprised entirely of weatherproof components and packed in a durable watertight shipping/storage case ready for immediate use.

Bluetooth capability built in to data logger permits display on Android device such as Smartphone or Tablet. Android application is available from Geometrics.

  • The G-862RBS Data Sheet (286 KB)

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