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Geometrics’ magnetometers have been the instrument of choice by every discipline imaginable. Geometrics’ core line of air, sea and land magnetometers are built to last under the most extreme climates and survey conditions. From the very beginning, in 1968, Geometrics’ magnetometers have consistently delivered value and performance to the geophysical engineering community. Geophysicists demand reliability, performance, and after-sales support for their instruments and have learned that this is what they can expect with Geometrics’ magnetometers. Check our new mag-based testimonials for more information.

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A tutorial for MagMap2000 and MagPick including new GPS features and the ability to make *.kmz Google Earth™ map files of the contoured data.

  • MagMap-MagPick with GPS Tutorial (1.84 MB)

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    Learn more about the science and application of marine magnetometry through this series of five videos hosted by Geometrics' Ross Johnson. Click here to continue

    Real Time Magnetic Data

    View our Cesium magnetometer Base Station located at Stanford, California.

    Aerial Photo of Jasper Ridge Mag Site

    Aerial Photo of Jasper Ridge Mag Site

    Real Time Plot

    Jasper Ridge

    Click Here To View Real Time Graph"(must have Java enabled*)

    Click Here To download historical Base Station data"

    A photo of Geometrics' Ross and Jeff installing the Jasper Ridge Mag

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    Land Magnetometers

    Geometrics Magnetometer

    G-858 Magnetomoter


    Portable cesium magnetometer for exploration, engineering studies, UXO detection... More...

    Geometrics G-856



    Rugged backpack cesium magnetometer with integrated GPS designed for mineral and oil exploration... More...


    Low-cost proton magnetometer More...

    New! Purchase the G-856 Online!

    Geometrics 822A


    Airborne Magnetometers


    The G-822A is designed for high performance airborne survey applications using an external counter... More...


    Cesium magnetometer with internal counter module... More...

    G-824 Suprema-C

    G-824A Suprema-C

    G-824A Suprema-C

    Geometrics introduces the new G-824 Suprema-C Cesium Vapor magnetometer with an ultra-high sensitivity of 300 fT/sq-rt Hz RMS sensitivity and sample rates up to 1000 Hz...



    G-862RBS Cesium Base Station

    The high performance of the G-862 and its multi-function capabilities make it well suited for mobile survey applications as well as applications that require stationary monitoring of the total magnetic field... More

    Geometrics G-882

    Marine Magnetometers

    Now featuring a new video report from our work at Pearl Harbor click here


    Mini-marine Cesium magnetometer system... More...

    Geometrics Magnetometer


    Transverse Gradiometer Configuration... More Pictures...
    Click Here for Datasheet

    G-880AUV Integration with Teledyne Gavia AUV

    To meet the growing demand for subsea investigations using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Geometrics has been working on several projects to measure UXOs with a magnetometer deployed on an AUV... More...

    Teledyne Gavia AUV with G-880 Magnetometer

    Teledyne Gavia AUV with G-880 Magnetometer

    Micro-Fabricated Atomic Magnetometer (MFAM)

    A revolutionary new line of magnetometer products based on recent research in miniaturizing atomic clocks and magnetometers. MORE…

    Conventional commercial magnetometer is shown on the left, while an MFAM device is depicted on the right, in an early prototype (Photo: Courtesy of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology)



    Calculate the depth of your fish, given boat speed, cable and instrument type and length of cable. Click Here (must have Java enabled)


    Easy-to-use program for processing and plotting your magnetic survey data


    Sophisticated integrated data processing program with map overlay, contour, filtering, target analysis
    View the MagPick Video Series

    New A tutorial for MagMap2000 and MagPick including new GPS features and the ability to make *.kmz Google Earth™ map files of the contoured data.

  • MagMap-MagPick with GPS Tutorial (1.84 MB)
  • MagLog Pro/MagLog Lite

    Data logging, display and printing program for magnetometers, GPS and auxiliary systems


    Cesium Sensor Active Zone Solution - CSAZ is a stand alone Windows™ program used to determine the optimum sensor orientation any place in the World and for all survey directions.

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