MetalMapper 2x2

Introducing the New MetalMapper 2×2

The Geometrics MetalMapper 2×2 is the successor to the Geometrics MetalMapper. Both systems use advanced electromagnetic induction sensors to distinguish unexploded ordnance (UXO) from scrap metal. These innovative sensors, which have been developed and demonstrated over the past 15 years by government and private organizations, could save billions of dollars in unexploded ordinance cleanup costs at former training ranges. Before the use of these advanced EM techniques, a munitions site was mapped with a metal detector and all detected metallic objects were investigated by digging. Previous studies show that less 1% of these objects were UXO items of interest. The majority of what was dug is scrap metal, bits of shrapnel, or trash. The advanced EM technique used by the MetalMapper 2×2 and MetalMapper allow geophysicists to identify UXO targets of interest among the scrap, significantly reducing the amount of items which are investigated by digging. This reduction in digging translates to a large cost savings for the project.

MetalMapper 2x2

MetalMapper 2×2

The MetalMapper 2×2 builds on the success of the MetalMapper by offering a smaller, lighter, and easier to deploy geophysical platform. The design is based on the instrument developed by the Naval Research Lab (NRL). The electronics and cables have been upgraded to more reliable and rugged geophysical instrumentation standards. The system can be deployed as a man-portable unit or as a vehicle-towed array. The new acquisition software is designed to be easy to operate on a tablet PC or laptop. Data files are written in an open-source HDF5 format. These files are easy to integrate with the Geosoft Oasis Montaj package used for data inversion.

The MetalMapper 2×2 instrument will be ready for customers in early 2016.

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